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MakerJam 2016


June 7, 2016


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MakerJam 2016


ANYTHING! Find out more here:

But what can I make during MakerJam?

make something, ANYTHING
About the Jam

 What's a MakerJam?


Organized by three high school seniors that love and embrace New Milford High's lively maker culture, MakerJam intends to follow the game jam and hack-a-thon model by creating a fast-paced, collaborative environment that demands rapid creativity, innovation, and problem solving - while extending that platform to makers from all fields of creative passion, be it music, art, writing, science, or something entirely different. 


The secret theme will be released on Monday, June 6th, intended to jumpstart and inspire (but not restrict!) creativity, MakerJam 2016 will run from 8AM to 3PM on June 7 for the students at New Milford High School. During that time students have the challenge to make something, ANYTHING, by the end of the day, inspired by the central theme. 


MakerJam hopes to be an experience that inspires creativity in students of all kinds - from those that have never had the time, environment, or motivation to create, to those makers that have been waiting for a chance to showcase their creativity without having to conform to fit the traditional art or talent show, to those that regularly create but have never been challenged by limits on time and planning. 

But what can I make during MakerJam?

What Can I Make?

a silly drawing on a post-it note!
a cool sandwich !
a science experiment!
an interesting photograph !
a 3D-printed model of Mr. Tusa’s mustache !
a watercolor painting !
a stand-up comedy routine !

a fashion design !
a video game !
a robot that will pass you butter! 
a board game !
a motivational speech !
an acrostic poem !
a funny video !

an origami sculpture !

a LEGO tower !
a short story !
a comedy sketch !

a dank dank MLG film !
a meme of Ms Fleming !

a tower made entirely of candy and bottle caps !

a musical composition !

a smoothie !
a physics word problem !
a pile of napkins labeled “modern art” !

TL;DR: Anything your amazing mind thinks of after the theme is released!

 Wow, that's awesome! :0

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330 River Rd, New Milford, NJ 07646

New Milford High School

June 7, 2016


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